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Monday, April 4, 2016

HQ Command Teams and Reducing the Lead Pile

Flames of War progress report:

I finished this small unit for my Mid-War list. The CO, the 2inC and some bazooka teams for escorts. These painted up quick and easy. I chose the two-toned colors for these guys instead of the later all-green uniforms. This army will be a mixed bag of old and new uniforms. I so wish I could have done the entire list in the same colors. Perhaps, I could have two lists, one for Mid-War and another for Late-War, each with the appropriate colored shirts and trousers!  Yes! That would be the ideal solution. But, time is my enemy right now and I'd just like to get an entire list completed.

My overall progress so far. I'll flock the bases after all the painting is done to ensure a consistent style.

This past weekend, my good friend Dave held a clearance sale. His intentions are to pare down his lead pile. Going forward, he plans to stick with just a few game systems that he loves playing.
Dave has a huge collection of painted and unpainted Warmaster armies. I'm sad to hear that Warmaster didn't make his cut. I think it's a great game that will continue into the future. Being the good friend that I am, I relieved him of the some unnecessary weight. I bought some rare High Elf units. One infantry unit of Swordmasters and another unit of Dragon Knights. Also, I grabbed another two units of Giant Eagles and a coveted Smaug dragon from the Battle of Five Armies box set. I grabbed some FoW books, dice and accessories to go with. All in all, a very nice haul!

Has anyone else considered reducing their stockpile of minis? If so, what games would you keep? Which games are too difficult to part with?

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