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Sunday, April 24, 2016

WiP - 105mm Artillery

No game reports this week. Just some progress on my Flames of War US list.

I opened my box of Battlefront 105mm artillery. There are lots of components to this unit! There are four guns with custom bases and five figures to go with each gun, a custom base for the artillery command team, one stand for the observer, one stand for the HQ team, and one jeep. My list includes a second jeep for some reason. Luckily, I have an extra jeep already base coated.

The guns are metal and in spite of the good packaging, they were badly bent and needed to be straightened into place. I stumbled on a good trick of placing the guns on the grid of my craft mat and using the grid as a reference. This helped tremendously.

I base coated the guns and jeeps with Vallejo Brown-Violet, the un-official "green" of the US Army. And I used the handy Testor's spray paint kit. This really saved some time.

The custom bases were resin. I had never worked with resin before so I primed it just to be sure. The bases are full of character and lots of boxes of the ammunition. I Googled a great WWII photo of two soldiers holding munitions with the label "Easter Eggs for Hitler" painted on them. I love the photo and will try to integrate that message on the models somehow.

The artillery HQ base included a makeshift table with an obvious space for maps to be placed on it. I found an typical terrain map on Wikipedia, shrunk it down to 1/100th scale, printed it, and glued it to the table. From two feet away, it makes a convincing little map.

Map from Wikipedia

Next step is to paint the troops, then jeeps, then paint the bases since the bases are actually modeled already. 
Artillery after applying the wash

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