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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saga Night - Welsh vs. Anglo-Danes

Blake runs a monthly Saga Night at our FLGS. This month, the attendance was light. I showed up and so did Martin. He brought along his own collection of armies. I have not painted my Anglo-Saxon force as of yet. Instead, I used a group of Lord of the Rings figures as a stand-in for a Welsh army.
Initial Setup
Initial forces

Standard Warlord
Monk advisor
8x Hearthguards w/ axes
8x Warriors
8x Warriors
12x Levies
=======7 Saga Dice

Standard Warlord
6x Hearthguard
5x Hearthguard
Banner Bearer
8x Warriors
8x Warriors
12x Levies
=======6 Saga Dice

(I now realize that I should have been rolling 7 Saga dice)

We chose to play the Clash of Warlords scenario. Martin setup his warriors and levies in a tight group in the right side. His warlord and monk advisor started right behind them, with the group of 8 Hearthguard bringing up the rear. On my side of the map, I spread out my units. I was hoping to push my troops to around the flank so I could draw the Anglo-Dane hearthguard away from the warlord.

I started the first turn using the Children of the Land ability which allowed all my units to move through difficult terrain at normal movement. I moved all units forward. Martin pulled the Trapped ability which added fatigue to three of my units. On his turn, he then pushed up his levies.
Turn 1
Anglo-Dane Warlord modded to hold a severed head.
Turn 2, I used the Rising Out ability to activate all my warriors and levies. I moved everything forward. The Danes used the Trapped ability again and continued to move forward.

Turn 3, the levies from both sides, both armed with bows, were in range of each other and traded shots. The Welsh got the worst of it.

Turn 3
Turn 4, the pesky Trapped ability brought all of my warriors to 3 fatigue, which puts them in exhausted state. This allowed the Anglos to use the Exhaustion ability which removes two figures from an exhausted unit. He was causing casualies with the abilities alone! We had barely got to archery range and I was loosing figs! My levies ducked in to the woods for cover. His levies fired at my hearthguard in the woods to no effect.
The Trapped ability took a toll on Welsh warriors

Turn 5, the battle lines got close enough to use javelins. I made a few javelin attacks but Martin made most of his save rolls.
Turn 5
Turn 6, I successfully used the Taunting ability to pull some of his warriors into javelin range of three units. The Welsh hurled three attacks and destroyed the warrior unit.

Turn 6, Taunted a unit of warriors to come closer to the Welsh Javelins
Warriors in the open!
Turn 7, The Dane hearthguard rushed the center of the Welsh lines, made contact with the warrior unit there, and destroyed the unit. At this point, the Welsh had taken enough damage and were carrying enough fatigue markers that it was clear to see the Danes had won. 

Welsh hearthguard make a move on the Anglo Warlord
Turn 8, Martin allowed me another turn just so I could complete a final, satisfying charge on the Dane lines. The remaining heathguard and warlord charged the last Dane warrior unit. There were losses on both sides and the Danes had to fall back. It was a glorious end but the victory went to the Anglo-Danes.

Anglo hearthguard move up to protect the warlord.

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