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Monday, June 13, 2016

Support Weapons for the Infantry

One of my goals for 2016 is to complete a Mid-War US Rifle Company in time for the Mid-War FoWSA tournament on July 6th. My list will be a 1700pt US Rifle Company from the North Africa book. I've been documenting my progress as I've been painting and assembling each unit.

This week I completed a small unit. It is the Weapons Platoon that provides four light machine gun stands and small mortars. While it can operate as a separate platoon with its own command team, it is usually attached to a regular US Rifle Platoon. The figures are from the Battlefront blister pack.

Since my infantry combat platoons are all painted with the green M1942 uniform, I painted this platoon with the same uniform.

60mm Mortars
LMG Team

Completed units
Rifle Company HQ
Rifle Platoon (1 command team, 1 bazooka team, 9 rifle teams)
Rifle Platoon (1 command team, 1 bazooka team, 9 rifle teams)
5 M4 Sherman tanks
Parachute Rifle Platoon (purchased painted and based)
Field Artillery Battery (w/ M2A1 105mm Howitzers)
Weapons Platoon (LMG w/ 60mm mortars)

In progress

Anti-Tank platoon
Mortar Platoon

Next up on the workbench...
57mm Anti-tank guns

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