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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LotR/Hobbit SBG Tournament

Not a whole lot to post this week. I'm starting on the late war elements of my US Rifles list. This will be used at the next FoWSA tournament.  More about that in a later post.

Back in June, the local Lord of the Rings/Hobbit SBG group held a tournament. Most of the players have moved on to play more Bolt Action but we all wanted to get together again for some fun in Middle Earth. I brought my venerable Wood Elf army, led by Legolas and Thranduil. I really love those guys!

The new Hobbit rules have not been kind to the Wood Elves. They have weak armor ratings (3) but are supposed to be balanced with a strong ranged attack from massed archery. Most of the players are bringing armies with much higher armor ratings (5 minimum, 6-7 for many heroes) such as Easterlings and Dwarves. Monsters such as Trolls and Dragons have new special attacks that are even more effective to the squishy elves. Given the style of play that has developed, the Wood Elves just really aren't a competitive force anymore.

Here is my list
Thranduil, King of Mirkwood
8x Wood Elf Warrior w/ spear
3x Wood Elf Warrior w/ elf bows
Wood Elf Sentinel

Legolas w/ armor
6x Wood Elf Warrior w/ spear
3x Wood Elf Warrior w/ elf bows
1x Wood Elf Warrior w/ banner

Wood Elf Captain w/ bow
8x Wood Elf Warrior w/ elf blades and throwing knives
3x Wood Elf Warrior w/ elf bow
Wood Elf Sentinel

The tournament included three rounds. Each scenario was a variation of capture the objective. Strategies are simple, move to the objectives as fast as possible, hold it, and push the enemy off if necessary. My Wood Elves got squashed each round. Here is a short recap of each round

Round 1 vs. Cave Drake
Chris brought lots of cavalry and a nasty Cave Drake

Story of the game in one photo; "Cave Drake eats Wood Elves"
Round 2 vs. (surprise!) More Easterlings
Elves with throwing daggers did more damage than the elves with bows

The throwing elves managed to eliminate one of the Easterling cav warbands!
Round 3 vs. Dwarves
Dain Ironfoot showed up. Fortunately, the Dwarves don't have any calvary.

Any Wood Elf players out there?  How do you handle opponents with lots of cavalry and heavy armor?

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