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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fall 2016 Catch Up Post

Life has caught up to me again and not much gaming has been done for a long stretch.

Back in September, I was working furiously on my Glider Rifle company in a desperate attempt finish in time for the Late-War FOWSA tournament. Sadly, my wife got a call that a close family member was very ill. This prompted us to jump in the car on the day of the tournament and rush to be with family.

I wonder if I'm ever going to attend this tournament.

Here is short recap of the games I was able to participate in.

MillenniumCon 19 was successful for another year. I'm part of the convention staff but could only make it to the con for one afternoon. While, I was there, I took part in the HUGE Ogre game put on by Desert Scarab. I was given the GEV-Ogre to command. Not one but TWO nuclear-tipped cruise missiles were launched and and the beautiful city of Monopolis was left burning. For details on the game, check out Scarab's blog here.

There is a full photo gallery of the entire convention in our Photobucket album.

After Thanksgiving, my friend Joe inspired me to do some good old fashioned hex-n-counter games. We dusted off his old copy of 2nd Fleet from Victory Games. This is a great Cold War era simulation of combined naval and airborne forces in the North Atlantic.

The first intro game involved NATO surface ships versus Soviet air power. I played Soviets , Joe played NATO. Lots of missiles launched but NATO shoot down too many Soviet jets. NATO victory.

Admiral Joe plotting his move.
Next intro game involved sub vs sub warfare. Soviet goal was to get any subs to Greenland while NATO attempted to stop them.

NATO was able to disable the Soviet subs just in time.

The next game involved fully combined forces. Soviets attempted a preemptive attack on Norway.

Several NATO ships were sunk, a cruise missile was launched at the Soviet air base with no effect. The Norwegians kept air superiority and managed to squeak out with a NATO marginal victory.

We will probably attempt the 7th Fleet game which is essentially the same rules but for the Western Pacific Ocean. Those of you who follow current events might recognize that China continues to threaten the South China Sea. I would love to play a prescient game that reflects a real geo-political climate.

And since I got some more free time just before the holidays, I decided to start experimenting with my new 3D printer.  More on that in my next post!

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