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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tuesday Hordes of the Things

At the regular, end of the month, Hordes of the Things night, we tried something different.  The participants were myself, Chip, Brian, Johnny R., and John G.  We had an odd number of players and were really eager to start playing, so, we setup an unusual 3-against-2 HotT battle.  Chip and Johnny R. took the short side with only two generals.  Me, Brian and John G. took the other side with three generals.  Both sides had 72 points total in the armies.  My side got one extra die for PIPs but oddly, we struggled through most of the battle.

I took some panoramic pictures to show the massive 72-point battle lines.  Even with the panoramic photos, Brian's 'Mouse Guard' army, on the far right flank, didn't quite make it into the frame.  They were hard to photograph because, well...they're mice!
My 'League of the Scarlet Falcon' marched down the center of the field.
John G. commanded the purple Dark Elves on the left flank but couldn't make a breakthrough against Chip's Brettonians.
The Brettonian archers were able to screen large portions of our army.
We marched straight up to the Brettonian/Roman alliance.  My magician launched attacks against the Roman cavalry in an attempt to break up the Roman lines.  I was never able to rout the cav but I did made them recoil several times.
The tiny but mighty Mouse Guard can be seen here on the right.
The battle progressed long into the night; clearly it was the longest game of HotT we had ever played. With such large armies, we weren't able to make much progress but ultimately, the dice favored the Brettonian/Roman alliance.  The Dark Elf general and my Scarlet Falcon general were defeated on the same bound.  Only half of the Mouse Guard were still standing.  At that time, we decided to resign and leave the battlefield with whatever honor we had left. 
The Brettonians make a breakthrough and make flank contact on Dark Elves.


  1. Sounds like a great game. Sorry I missed it.

    1. Every fourth Tuesday is HotT night. We would all love to have another shot at The Lost Platoon

  2. Did you find the increased break-point of the two command army offset the advantage that the extra PIPs the three command army had?

    In games like DBM you pay for generals, so having more of them (and more PIPs) reduces the size of your army. In HOTT your generals are free, so I always feel that the army with the most commands has the advantage.

    1. In this game, I don't think the extra die helped us. In the long run, two dice will give 7 PIPs per turn, and three dice will give 10.5 PIPs per turn. In the short run, one side can have better luck than the other. Our PIP rolls didn't help us this time. Also, our side had two flyers and one magician which drained some PIPs as well. So, I can't say we ever had a chance to exploit the increased break-point of two commands.