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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter is Coming! Warmaster Tournament

This past weekend we held our Winter is Coming!  Warmaster tournament.  We held a previous tournament back in 2012 where Mark R. won the tournament with his Dark Elf army.

For anyone unfamiliar with Warmaster Fantasy Battles, this is an older Games Workshop game. The armies come from the Warhammer Fantasy setting. The figures are all 10mm and represent grand battles between two division-level armies. The figures from GW are out of print but they were of high quality and look really nice on the battlefield. There are variants of the rules for historical games (Ancients and Renaissance) and there are a few games that use similar mechanics (Blitzkrieg Commander, Future War Commander)

This year we had good turnout of six players.  Not bad considering the age of the Warmaster rules. The selection of armies was very good as there were only two players (Chip and his son Alec) who both brought dwarf armies. We also had a great venue in Weyland Baptist university.  There were many students attending classes in other rooms while we were there.  A few of them stopped by to observe and comment.

The players and armies are list below, some players chose to give their armies a title.

Alec - Dwarves
Blake - "dem' Bones, dem' Bones" - Tomb Kings
Chip  - "Deephold Army of Stone" - Dwarves
David - Chaos
James - "Waagh Grimgor" - Orcs
Mark - "War host of Silvanus" - High Elves

I didn't take notes on my games as I played.  Rather than try to recap the matches, I'll just present some photos of the battles.  The tournament was won by Blake and his Tomb Kings. I didn't play against Blake, but from the comments of the other players, it seemed that his army was practically invincible.  Not sure what it will take to beat them in the next tournament.

Here are the results per round using a formula that added victory points, with bonuses for breaking an army (greater than 50% losses), and bonuses for killing characters (generals, heroes, wizards).

I made a simple sign out of an old poster from 'White Dwarf' magazine, to display in the hallway.  That helped draw in the visitors.

A fine picture of the participants, (minus yours truly)

Dave, Chip, Alec, Blake and James

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