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Sons of Liberty Stronghold and Army

Here's a project that was four years in the making.

My 'Sons of Liberty' army which I used to win the Hordes of the Things-Texas state championship in 2011, has been completed to my satisfaction. The tournament is held every year at MillenniumCon and uses 40mm fronts. I've added an extra unit and completed a scratch built Stronghold. Also, I have always wanted to give each unit a designation that reflected a true-life regiment from the AWI and a matching paint job.

The figures were completely painted back in 2011 except for the Rhode Island unit and the Stronghold. I finally did the research for each unit and attached a small nameplate to each one. This is probably more work than any HotT army deserves.

Here is the army list with the unit designation and historical commander's names.

Unit        Name                       Commander

Spear        5th Pennsylvania          Col. Francis Johnston
Spear        Delaware Company          Cpt. Robert Kirkwood
Spear        1st Co. Maryland Rifles   Cpt. Moses Rawlings
Spear        1st New York              Col. Alexander McDougall
Spear        1st Rhode Island          Col. James Mitchell Varnum
Riders       1st Cont. Light Dragoons  Lt.Col. Theodoric Bland
Riders       4th Cont. Light Dragoons  Lt.Col. George Baylor
Lurkers      Green Mtn. Boys           Col. Ethan Allen
Lurkers      So. Carolina Volunteers   Brig.Gen. Francis Marion
Artillery    Virginia State Artillery  Col. Charles Harrison
Artillery    1st Continental Artillery Col. Henry Knox
Hero-General Commander-in-Chief        Gen. George Washington
Stronghold   Fort Mifflin              Lt. Col. Francois de Fleury

The battle history of the Sons of Liberty:
  • 2011 - Victory at the Texas State Championship.
  • 2012 - Took 2nd place. The competition had seen how effective two Lurker units can be in the previous year, so they intentionally put less terrain on the board to counter them.
  • 2013 - Last place finish. I was cursed with several 1's at key points in each battle.  Was awarded the "Oops!" trophy. (a 6" long rubber eraser with the word 'Oops!' painted on it)
  • 2014 - Did not participate in the tournament. Added another Spear unit, the Rhode Island regiment, to replace 2x Lurkers if needed. Construction of Ft. Mifflin was completed.

Ft. Mifflin was on my workbench for a long time and just never got the attention it deserved. Over the Christmas break, I dedicated some time to get it completed. Most 10mm terrain is very generic so I wanted to make something that matched the theme of the whole army. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Made a foam base for a corner of a typical redoubt fort with
a gun position
Added texture with spackling paste and toothpicks for logs
Wasn't quite enough room to hold all the figures behind the
ramparts, so I added some wood platforms.
Painted and flocked and mounted figures. Made some sandbags and
cannonball piles with green stuff

The Colors are flying and the cannon is loaded!


  1. Nice work! What's your rationale for making those foot elements Spears instead of Shooters?

  2. Spears get a +1 for having a second rank. I thought that might fit the style of the army a little better. But Shooters are still a good choice, I'll have to try a game with SH replacing the SP to see how it performs.

  3. Makes sense. We need to play some HotT soon. But with 60mm base widths--none of that 40mm nonsense!

  4. Lol! We do need to play some HotT but don't fear the 40mm bases. Besides the only 60mm I have is the one you've seen many times.


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